Argentine Tango Workshop

with Andrea Monti & Gato Valdéz

Singles welcome, no partner or experience required.

Friday, July 13th

8:00 – 9:00 pm Chamuyo and
9:00 – 11:30 pm Milonga at Central Coast Dance in Los Osos

There is so much more to Tango than just dancing! Kick off the evening with a free discussion group (chamuyo). Andrea & Gato will discuss the music, dance and culture of Tango. Bring your questions and enjoy this informative chat.

Continue the evening with great refreshments, music, and most of all dancing. They will do a demo for your enjoyment. $5 donations are welcomed for this social dancing event at the Central Coast Dance Studio, 2004 10th St., Los Osos.

Saturday, July 14th

11:15 – 12:45 pm Technique (all levels, including absolute beginners)

Exercises for leaders and followers on posture, balance, body attitude, changes of weight, fundamentals for walking, waist rotation, ochos, turns, molinetes, changes of rhythm, double time. Valuable for all levels of dancers (including Absolute Beginners) as this material is the foundation for all the weekend's classes.

1:00 – 2:30 pm Musicality (all levels)

Walking with double time and simple figures from walking. Coordination, leading, and musicality. All levels with prior Argentine Tango experience.

3:00 – 4:30 pm Variations on Walking (all levels)

Technique of the double time - Vaiven. Different kinds from different positions. All levels with prior Argentine Tango experience.

Sunday, July 15th

12:00 – 1:30 pm Turns (Beginner-Intermediate)

Simple turns with and without entradas. Connection and fluidity.

1:45 – 3:15 pm Barridas (Intermediate-Advanced)

Barridas (sweeps) from simple positions and from turns.

3:45 – 5:15 pm Vals (Intermediate-Advanced)

Vals with cross system (uneven walk), double time, and sacadas. Turns with lapiz and figures from turns.

San Luis Obispo Odd Fellows' Hall

Saturday and Sunday, it's all happening at 520 Dana St., San Luis Obispo. From Hwy 101 (north or south), exit on Marsh St. From Marsh, turn left on Nipomo St., and Dana St. is the first left after Higuera.

Class fee schedule per person: 1 - $30, 2 - $55, 3 - $80, 4 - $100, 5 - $115, all 6 - $125.

One-hour private & semi-private classes are available: 1 individual or couple $100, 2 couples $45/person, 3 couples $40/person, or 4 $35/person. Please contact Rich & Leslie to schedule, 783-0569.

The last 15 minutes of each class will be for practice and/or warm-up for next class. Please try to arrive early so you don’t miss anything.

Potluck Dinner Saturday Evening

Dennis Nulman will host a Potluck Dinner in Grover Beach Saturday evening. Arrivals and chit-chat will begin at 5:30 and dinner after 6:00. Please follow this link for the invitation/map to his house including contact info.

For those who are interested in such fare, he will make pizzas. But, you must RSVP so that he will know how much dough to make and what toppings to provide. It will also help if you indicate what you intend to bring to the dinner to share, so we can avoid having 12 of you decide to bring a tuna fish and potato chip casserole.

Hugo "Gato" Valdéz & Andrea Monti started dancing together in 1998. They dance "Tango Salón" with refinement and distinction. Together they have formed a well-known reputation not only for their elegance, technique and musicality, but also for their "caminar a tierra" which has made them excellent representatives of the typical tango "porteño."

Through many years of experience and work, they have developed a teaching method based on the techniques of posture, balance, axes, weight changes, rhythm and especially on the tango walk, emphasizing the interpretation of music, and encouraging students to express their feelings when dancing.

They have made numerous Tango Tours all over the world, as well as performances and presentations in Show Clubs, Restaurants, Tango Bars, and Milongas too numerous to count.

Gato and Andrea have taught and shown their style in Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Central America, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

They worked in the II Encuentro Internacional de Tango Valencia 2004 (Spain) and in the Portland TangoFest 2004, Oregon (USA).

In Spain they integrated "Las Estrellas del Tango" company together with other distinguished dancers and one of the most prestigious orchestras in Buenos Aires, "Los Reyes del Tango" performing at "Palacio de los Congresos", Playa de Aro, August 2003.

In Australia they were invited to participate as the main argentine couple in the "Tango Takes Two" company, which performed in the well-known Cremorne theatre in the city of Brisbane and in the PlayHouse Theatre in the city of Perth, December 2002.

See photos and read more about Andrea and Gato at their web site,

For more info: Call Rich, (805)783-0569.

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