Argentine Tango Workshop

with Jonathan Yamauchi and Olivia Levitt

Singles welcome, no partner required.

Friday, May 16th at Sally Loo's, San Luis Obispo

6:30 – 7:30 pm Chamuyo and
7:30 – 9:30 pm Milonga

There is so much more to Tango than just dancing! Kick off the evening with a free discussion group (chamuyo). Jonathan & Olivia, will discuss the music, dance, and culture of Tango, as well as the topics of their upcoming classes. Bring your questions and enjoy meeting these wonderful teachers.

Continue the evening with great food, drink, music, and most of all dancing. No cover for this social dancing event at Sally Loo's Wholesome Cafe, 1804 Osos St., San Luis Obispo (near the railroad station).

Saturday, May 17th

12:00 – 1:30 pm The Tango Walk - same technique for all styles of embrace


Many Central Coast tango dancers know countless steps, but lack the technical refinements to execute their movements with beautiful technique. All tango steps, even the most complex movements -- originate from the walk. One must first master their walking technique before they will be able to proficiently execute movements (steps) that they have learned. It is not uncommon for dancers who have been "dancing" 5-10 years or longer, to come to us and share that they are thinking about giving up because they are unhappy with their tango and/or are not experiencing satisfaction and/or are not getting invited to dance when attending milongas. The first thing we analyze is their walk -- the root of all problems. Once our students develop a beautiful walk with excellent technique, then their entire vocabulary of moves that they have learned rises to a higher level of dance that they never thought imaginable. The walking technique we teach is the same in the apilado embrace, salon embrace, or open stage embrace.

1:30 – 3:00 pm Lapiz with Molinete Salon Style

Leaders, learn how to incorporate contra body technique with your lapiz, while maintaining balance on your axis throughout multiple turns. Followers, can you do perfect multiple molinetes without pulling your leader off his axis? The molinete for this move requires perfect walking technique. It is highly recommended that you take our workshop “The Tango Walk” as a prerequisite to this workshop. We will teach you the technique that you witness in tango performances which incorporate molinete/lapis combinations.

3:30 – 5:00 pm Dancing on a Tile in the Milonguero Embrace

In a crowded milonga, can you dance rhythmically to an entire song within the area of four tiles? Learn the technique to dancing in Buenos Aires milongas (or locally in a very tight space) which will empower you to develop a vocabulary that can lead and follow with confidence in your next milonga - tonight at the Carlton.

Sunday, May 18th

12:00 – 1:30 pm Strictly Gavito I

To quote Gavito: "To dance slowly and beautifully is the most difficult tango to dance well." This is because it requires excellent walking technique and balance to beautifully execute slow and sensual movements in the salon milonguero apilado style -- which incorporates the most sensual and intimate styles of close embrace Argentine tango. In Gavito’s later years, he reduced his movements to a simplistic elegance. Learn Gavito’s signature moves. Jonathan studied in Buenos Aires with Gavito during the last 4 years of his life and will share the technique necessary to execute Gavito’s movements that were learned and mastered by few.

1:30 – 3:00 pm Strictly Gavito II

More advanced movements not to be missed! Gavito said: "You can't teach the feeling." Jonathan and Olivia will teach you the technique that will give you the key to experience the feeling of being in another euphoric dimension while dancing even the most complex of Gavito’s movements.

3:30 – 5:00 pm Nuevo Tango

In this workshop, we will teach the technique to beautifully execute forward, side colgadas, and, time permitting, the back colgada.

Classes at Motions Academy of Dance, Atascadero:

4040 El Camino Real, Atascadero: From Hwy 101 (north or south), exit on San Anselmo Rd. Take San Anselmo northeast, turn left on El Camino Real. It's on the left in the K-Mart Shopping Center.

Cost for Group Classes per person: $30 per person per class. Register for multiple classes at once and save: 2 for $55, 3 for $75, 4 for $90, 5 for $100, or all get all 6 for $110. Pre-register online.

No partners required! The last 15 minutes of each class will be for practice and/or warm-up for next class. Please try to arrive early so you don’t miss anything.

Private Instruction is $120 per hour, discounted to $100 for dancers who have registered for at least one group class. Please contact Rich to schedule private classes.

Honest Self-Assessment for Experienced Tango Dancers

Oftentimes, we are approached by individuals who share with us that they have attended many classes and workshops over the years, yet they are truly not happy with their technique. Some have asked us to teach them the difference between dancing on their vertical axis and dancing on their forward axis and how to seamlessly transcend between the two embraces. Others have shared that it is difficult for them to walk seamlessly in a close embrace while maintaining a consistent connection with their partner. Many have admitted a desire to learn technique that will allow them to dance on a tile in a crowded milonga.

Jonathan and Olivia can help you with these refinements and give you the keys to elongating your body through your walk from the floor through your torso, and teach you the technique behind using your adductors, psoas muscles and core to create a beautiful walk and subtle contra body movement. We will teach you proper use of your inside edge to maintain a relationship with yourself, the floor and your partner as you fully arrive on your axis with each step before taking the next step. Learn the secrets of leading with intention, or following with equal and opposite synergy. If you can identify with any of the concerns and desires of others who we have helped progress to higher levels of dancing beautiful tango -- and if you would like to be dancing regularly with advanced dancers at milongas, then perhaps we are the teachers for you.

Jonathan y Olivia’s web site is

Saturday, May 17th at the Carlton Cafe and Bakery, Atascadero

8:00 pm – midnight Milonga

Enjoy an evening of great food, drink, music, and most of all dancing with Olivia and Jonathan. No cover for this social dancing event at the Carlton Cafe and Bakery, 6005 El Camino Real, Atascadero, owned by fellow tango dancers, Willow & Ben.

For more info: Contact Rich, (805)461-4898.

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